This treatment is for the submental fat also known as “double chin”. This is an FDA approved injection for the non-surgical treatment which specifically targets stubborn fat. A great amount of the population is not happy with this area of their body. There are many factors that may effect this such as genetics, diet, age, weight gain or weight loss. Belkyra works as a fat dissolving agent (Deoxycholic Acid)  to target those fat cells without the surgery or the down time. This solution breaks down fat cells and disrupts the cell growth, destroying the fat cells which can no longer accumulate. 


This appointment will take an hour, most clients require 2- 3 sessions sometimes more depending your goals. During our consultation we will discuss how many vials are required as well as how many sessions. All of the information will be given to you to in order to help you make an informed decision on what is the right treatment for you. Loft 7 Aesthetics will  help you improve the appearance of the chin area and reveal a more youthful jawline/chin while enhancing your profile.