For those who are looking for a more “natural” approach to aesthetic medicine we offer MesoGold PRP. This is one of the latest trends in addressing skin texture and tone,  fine lines, discolouration, scars, large pores, pigment concerns and even stretch marks. MesoGold works alongside of Collagen Induction Therapy also known as (CIT) similar to microneedling . This is done through a 24 k gold stamper with 20 needles attached. This allows us to cause micro channels  or “controlled micro injuries” in the skin which means more absorption of the products used during treatment. This is done with your own plasma which helps stimulate collagen and elastin back into the skin. We are also able to add Botox which gives the skin a tightening  effect and Vitamin B12.


The skin then begins its “repairing” process. As the skin heals it appears softer, pores are smaller, and scars may become less obvious and skin texture has improved, enhancing the deeper layers of tissue to the surface.  The appointment will take an hour, and a topical numbing agent will be applied to the treatment areas such as face, neck and chest to ensure your comfort. 


Most clients are red and flushed immediately post treatment, therefore you will want to plan accordingly, as you will be required to stay out of the sun for days following.  Most clients are able to get back to work within the next day or so, minor redness and puffiness may be noted, however there is no down time with this treatment. We recommend a series of 3 sessions for optimal results.